Hand-Holding Cyclists

On multiple occasions I’ve seen couples (of all ages) cycling next to one another, holding hands.

1. I would never see this in Canada. Then again, people there rarely ride bicycles let alone in Prince George. Could you imagine if one of them went to swerve a pothole?

1.5 A more pressing question is, is this remotely possible in Amsterdam? (Reference my last post.) I can just see it now: ‘Couples Dies in Tragic Death-By-Tram Accident.’

2. These couples must be head-over-heels, this is hardly a casual act. I’m imagining that classic scene where the a couple sits in a movie theatre and He yawn/stretches and whoops! His arm is around his lady friend. There’s no whoops-I-swerved-in-close-enough-and-caught-your-hand, gotcha! No sir, this is a mutually executed display of affection.

3. Do they get extra points for going further distances?

Nonetheless, very sweet I suppose.


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