48 Hours to France

Destination: Paris

I’m hopping the pond back to Europa in two days. I’ll be an unofficial guide for my parents in the City of Lights. This will be my shortest trip, at just 9 days. I’ve never been to Europe for less than 4 months, and generally speaking, have never traveled internationally for less than 3-1/2 months. So naturally I’m preoccupied with being fashionable. A concession, this go around is considerably more touristic the flashpacker. 

As I’ve been to Paris twice before, I’m stretching myself to do the things I’ve yet to see. This includes: Vimy Ridge, a Moulin Rouge show, combing through Porte de Clignancourt (the city’s largest flea market) and Pere Lachaise Cemetery (resting place of Jim Morrison). We happen to be arriving on May 1 (aka May Day) which is a widely observed holiday in Europe. Translation: not a hell of a lot will be open, save the Eiffel Tower. I’m also very much looking forward to seeing some old friends. So lucky to have good ones who will travel to meet up with me!

Just like my last trip, we will be using Airbnb for accommodation. Check out the two darling apartment we’ve rented: 




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