1. Speak another language proficiently
  2. Skydive in a foreign country
  3. Visit a romantic European capital with my fiance
  4. Experience Carnivale in Venice
  5. Attend an authentic Oktoberfest
  6. Charm a celebrity
  7. Visit Petra
  8. Go dog sledding
  9. See the Mona Lisa
  10. Sunbath naked on a Greek Island
  11. Go wine tasting in Tuscany
  12. Visit the Pyramids & Nile
  13. Go on a safari in Kenya
  14. Go to South Africa
  15. Get a degree in Commerce
  16. Work in the music industry
  17. Be an entrepreneur
  18. Be licked by a giraffe
  19. Spend time in Lake Como
  20. See the Sex Museum in Amsterdam
  21. Ascend the Eiffel Tower
  22. Bear a skimpy bikini in Rio
  23. Drive the Pan-American Highway
  24. Touch the sky at Salar Uyuni
  25. Buy goods in a Moroccan market
  26. Meet Slash
  27. Make a purchase from Chanel Paris
  28. Listen to live music in Cusco
  29. Become Financially Literate
  30. Create enough passive income so that given the choice, I don’t have to work another day in my life
  31. Find the love of my life
  32. Get married
  33. Work overseas for one year
  34. Have a child
  35. Raise happy and healthy (read: normal) child
  36. See the Matterhorn
  37. Acquire the skill of communicating assertively
  38. Be good at ONE sport
  39. Own a horse
  40. Own a boston terrier
  41. Travel down the Grand Channel in Venice
  42. Go hiking in the Alps
  43. Go on a sabbatical
  44. Be able to brew a perfect cup of java
  45. Be able make a mean Mojito
  46. Cook a turkey dinner
  47. Inhabit a penthouse
  48. Renovate a house
  49. Attend a music festival in a different country
  50. Plant a garden
  51. Do New Years in Times Square
  52. Get hitched in Vegas
  53. Sit in the audience of  a TV show
  54. Visit Aspen, Colorado
  55. See the Northern Lights
  56. Swim in the Devil’s Pool
  57. Fly first class
  58. Go skinny dipping
  59. Get over my fear of sparklers
  60. Go skydiving
  61. Visit a Greek Island
  62. Tour Roma
  63. Buy glass trinkets in Murano, Venice
  64. Get a tattoo
  65. Get another tattoo
  66. Get another tattoo
  67. Live in another country
  68. Au pair in Europe
  69. Attend a concert in front row
  70. See ACDC in concert
  71. See Lady Gaga in concert
  72. See Slash perform live
  73. Wander the gardens of Versailles Palace
  74. Spend a night at the Vancouver Shangri-La
  75. Visit a Cambodian artillery range
  76. Thai Full Moon party
  77. Tour Halong Bay
  78. Shop at a floating market
  79. Perform a Citizen’s Arrest
  80. Cast a glance on San Pedro Prison, Bolivia
  81. Ride passenger in a military plane
  82. Shop at a Turkish Souk
  83. Visit Columbia
  84. Really, visit Kelowna already


One thought on “Bucket List

  1. Kaleigh says:

    I’ve spent a significant amount of my day reading about the Trans Siberian Railway. I feel that that trip is bucket worthy!

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