My independent travels have so far sprung from au pairing experiences. My first experience was in 2007 during a gap between high school and university. It was the first time I had travelled internationally and I did it alone at that. Touching down in Zurich I was hoping that the whole thing wasn’t a cruel joke and that indeed there would be a family at the gate to greet me. And there was. My second experience was in 2010 in northern Germany. Yet another positive experience.

Living overseas has had a fundamental impact on my personal growth and au pairing made it possible.  Among a wealth of learning, I can no doubt attribute my present day domestication to the fact that I was preparing mid day meals for four at age 18. When I graduated high school many girls in the community were arranging au pair jobs in Europe, which is how I became acquainted with the practice. Because the experience has been so integral, when I meet new people it doesn’t take very long for the subject to surface. I’m often confronted with much inquiry so I figured that it is about time to document it, share insider information and inspire someone else.


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